Podio is a collaborative work platform that’s perfect for managing projects, teams, and anything else in your business that needs flexible apps that work the way you do.

Podio plugin integrates user’s Podio account with their Faveo system and allow users to manage their business projects and teams along with their customer support.


  1. Import Tickets from Faveo: This plugin exports Faveo tickets into Podio system and creates app items with ticket and client details. Ticket created by any of the three medium available in Faveo (mail, client panel form and agent panel form) will reflect as an item in Podio. The creator/owner of the ticket will become a client in podio client app. One client may be linked with different tickets just like in faveo where a single user can create multiple tickets for various issues
  2. Import Ticket comments/replies from Faveo: In Faveo after creation of a ticket agents can reply back to that ticket or discuss the issue internally using internal notes. These all conversation thread will be exported to Podio as comments on the ticket items. In podio users can comment on the items  and these comments will be imported as internal notes in Faveo  tickets.
  3. Sync Faveo tickets and Podio items status: User can change the status of tickets in Faveo and Podio. Changing status in one system will reflect in the other system.
  4. Read client replies from mail: In Faveo clients can respond to agent replies by email and by login to their account. This plugin will export client’s response as comments in podio items.

NOTE: This plugin uses app authorization to access podio system. So all activities and comments in Podio will be done by the app only. We’ve tried to show details of the user who triggers events in Faveo.


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