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SOLIDWORKS 3D Modeling software, SolidWorks currently markets several versions of the Solid Works CAD software in addition to e drawings, a collaboration tool, and Draft Sight, a 2D CAD product. Initially based in Waltham, Massachusetts, United States

Why Faveo Helpdesk ?

  • Some solutions have some other capabilities different than faveo but Faveo can answer lots of our wishes.
  • And we also compared the prices of softwares.
  • And we desired to buy a permanent solution , I mean onetime payment solution.
  • Lots of other companies has subscription based purchase style but with faveo helpdesk all works are too easy.

3D CAD Design Software

“Faveo helpdesk is intuitive, it’s easy to customize to make it fit in your company’s branding and the out-of-the-box functionality it develops is really unparalleled. It makes my work too easier, good going Faveo helpdesk team !”
Gokay UnalGokay Unal, SOLIDWORKS 3D Modeling software

Customer story with Faveo

We searched on internet and investigate lots of help desk software.

  • Of course starting to use Faveo made our team happy.
  • Previously we were using our CRM system to track Customer support records, but actually CRM system is not built for that kind of tracking, and their subscription fees were too high for us, but from when we are using faveo helpdesk we have made our team very happier.

Actually we were happy about Kayako , but we couldn’t use same license anymore, So we talked to them but they don’t have perpetual license.

We’d love to work with you !

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