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We are a team of highly spirited & enthusiastic people who love to take-up new challenges. We care about quality and are active contributors to open source software.

Bhanu Pratap Singh Slathia


Founder of Ladybird Web Solution Pvt Ltd. An all-out team player, Bhanu brings a keen eye for detail and a result oriented focus to Faveo. He leads Faveo in our pursuit of the perfect customer experience.

Manish Verma

Product Manager

Coordinating all of the activities required to bring the product with quality and making lots of value to the product and also making strategic communications counsel that drives real business results.

Avinash Kumar

Team Lead

He is Bringing the best practices, methodologies to help the product work efficiently and Focusing towards success at every intersection of the product.

Alok Kumar Jena

Web & UI Developer

Alok is a passionate person who is responsible for implementing visual elements that users see and interact within a web application. He is also involved in various modules and plugins.

MD Sarfraz Ansari

Senior Quality Analyst

Responsible for bringing a quality product and work constantly on improving the best product quality and also make sure the products meet a high quality standard.

VeeraBhadramma Kada

QA Team Lead

Responsible for developing, managing and executing software test plans. She works closely with the team to craft the procedures in a document which relevant to software testing and strategies to enhance the quality of the software and also collaborative and dedicated in the growth of the team members with flawless guidance and providing a practical approaches

Sukanya Shetty

Operation Manager

Sukanya holds an MBA, and is responsible for coordinating the administrative functions of an organization. Also, she handles the employee relations, payrolls and benefits.

Ashutosh Pathak

PHP Developer

Ashutosh is a very hardworking and honest individual, who is always willing to learn new skills.

Abhinava Roy

Business Development Manager

Placing a great priority on listening: to customers and to the market and also encourages one to be innovative, and has a positive approach towards creating solutions to overcome the market challenges.

Sakthivel Munusamy

UI Developer

Sakthivel is an autonomous individual, who is working on the Vuejs Framework, he makes sure to build robust efficient web applications.

Rahul Singh

React Native Developer

Rahul holds a B.Tech (CSE) degree, he is passionate about taking up new challenges and is always willing to learn new skills.

Phaniraj K

Laravel Developer
Phaniraj K holds B.E in CSE, he works as a Larval developer and implementing all the client requirements.


Lilly Vimal Grace K

Customer Support Executive

Lilly Vimal Grace holds M.Sc in Computer Science. She is self-motivated and committed to the responsibilities. Always Passion about taking new challenges and willingness to learn and publish the articles.

Vijayakumar J R

Vijay holds a B. tech degree, he works with developers and all the client code releases.


Krishna Vishwakarma

Larvel Developer

Krishna holds a B.E. (CSE) degree who is  passionate about bringing out the best. Works on product customization, fixes bugs and adds new feature to existing product. Overall, responsible for developing and implementing a quality product to reach its end goal by improving existing feature and implements new features if needed.

Uppala Redenkaiah

Quality Analyst

Uppala is  join our team as the Quality Analyst. And he will work closely with the IT department to identify software defects.

Tejkiran Sathyanarayana

Account Manager
Tejkiran holds B.e degree and he works as a account manager and taking responsibility in client queries with assisting developers to get solution as they required.

Viswash S

Viswash holds a B.e degree, he is taking responsibility for troubleshooting client issues . As a Dev-ops enthusiast responsible for server automation’s and plays a key role in Faveo-Helpdesk SaaS Model project.


Ashutosh Jakhotra

Account Manager
Ashutosh is self-motivated and has genuinely brought value by giving outstanding support to the clients. He is a workaholic person who loves to find work. Leads a team of account management and support executives.

Vaibhav Zadoo

Business Developer
Vaibhav is an enterprise manager with a keen eye to detail. His knowledge and efficiency brings success to all his clients and his team. He is a fantastic leader and an energetic member of the Faveo team.

Shruti Dhingra

Trainee QA
Shruti holds B.E in Information Technology and works as a Quality Analyst. She is responsible for the testing phase of the production process to identify the defects and to ensure that final products meet the company standards


Harjeet Kour

Operation Executive
Harjeet holds a MBA, and she is responsible for coordinating our Jammu office administrative functions . Also, she handles the employee relations, payrolls and benefits.

Surendra Pal Uikey

Ui Developer
Surendra holds B.Tech(IT) and M.Tech(IT) from IIIT Allahabad. works as a UI developer. Always willing to learns new tools and technologies.

Darshan C

HR Executive
Darshan holds MSW in Human Resource, Fulfilling the tactical objectives of business through Hiring & Implementing Recruiting plans and strategies , to bring in the best people to fill company needs.

Arbind Sonkar

Laravel Developer

A passionate developer eager to learn new skills and technologies and always willing to accept challenge accept challenge

Saurabh Shukla

Associate Laravel Developer

Saurabh is a Developer by Passion and Profession. He Likes to Solve real-time problems with his coding skills. He works on bug fixing, product customization, and adding new functionalities to the existing product.

Mimic Zadoo

Process Manager

Mimic is responsible for the creating, monitoring, optimizing and automating processes, that helps us in accomplishing business objectives.

Kiran Kumar S

Associate Business Development

Innovative and hardworking Marketing Consultant with 3+ years of experience in the B2B industry. Offering expert insights into creating promotional strategies that capture emerging market trends.

Isha Sangral

Technical Writer

Isha adds value to our team by creating product documentation and content that helps our clients to configure, troubleshoot and use Faveo for their business, in the best possible ways.

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