Sep 24

Why every start up should be using Ticket based support system

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Whenever I think or imagine startup all I think of is energy, enthusiasm.

Now that a startup has energy, enthusiasm, a good product or service what does it need to grow or offer better service? Better service means more business.

Ticket based support system have been in the market for donkey years, Most of us are already aware of it & how it works but something still stops us from using one, many a times we give reasons like we are too small to be using a ticket based support system, we don’t get too many emails, we manage well over email.

Lets consider reasons why we should use one?

  • In our busy schedule we might read email and forget to reply. In ticket based support system no email will go unnoticed.
  • Ticket remains open till one closes it, so no job will be left unattended
  • Clients can track there queries easily
  • Better collaborations between the teams in the company, multiple people in the team can collaborate on the same issue instead of sending 1 dozen emails and cc everyone.
  • Ticket based system is the most efficient way to handle support, enquiries. Whenever you get tickets/call from any customer you can go back & search all there previous issues.
  • Ticket based support system not only helps supporting customer but also the data can help you understand your service/product where the problems occur more and how it can be reduced.

Any startup or business needs to start building good habits & processes from beginning. We all know how difficult it is to change habits later. Habit of being organized, supporting our customer from day one will help the company go a long way.

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Bhanu Pratap Singh Slathia, entrepreneur and web solutions professional, founder of Ladybird Web Solution based out of Bangalore. An all-out team player, Bhanu brings a keen eye for detail and a results oriented focus to each and every project undertaken.

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