DKC – Deploy Knowledge Consulting


DKC Deploy Knowledge Consulting.

Problem faced earlier before using Faveo

Issues management using outlook was not efficient.

The Solution

Faveo provided a central platform and a simple way to delegate tickets to our team.

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Future with Faveo:

We are satisfied with the platform but above all we are very satisfied with the team who supports us.

IT Services
Portugal, Luxembourg and Belgium

“I have a proposal to further improve our Ticket ID system. Introducing customization options to assign unique prefixes to individual customers would greatly enhance our service. For example, when Company XYZ submits a ticket, it could be identified as XYZ-AAAA-0117, and for Company TRF, it could be labeled as TRF-AAAA-0117. This personalized approach would enhance client experience and simplify identification processes.”
Paulo DinisPaulo Dinis

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