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About Company:

GlobalLink BPO is one of the most trustworthy call centers in the Philippines and the U.S. Certified by the SEC in December 2005, Business Process Outsourcing provider with a local presence. They provide clear, concise, accurate solutions, outstanding customer service, and dynamic business operations platforms for established and emerging companies which helps them lower client costs through metrics, results being faster handle times, higher call success rates, improved sales conversions and customer satisfaction scores.

Problem faced earlier before using Faveo:

With the previous Helpdesk, they were facing problem like Emails are not getting logged onto the proper time and there was a lot of time lag from the time email was raised and email was registered

Experience with Faveo:

Customer satisfaction is a key success factor for BPO services, and response time plays a huge role in meeting this goal. Using Faveo Helpdesk to gain a complete overview of customer requests, and the response time to such requests, their management is able to set performance improvement benchmarks for their teams, on a regular basis.

Refer Faveo to other businesses:

“Our experience with Faveo is wonderful so I would definitely suggest Faveo to other businesses.

Future with Faveo:

Faveo is proactively growing its offering. Whenever we come to Faveo with a business requirement, the team will do their best to meet and satisfy it.

Global Link BPO, Inc
Industry: IT/BPO
Customer Since: 2020

Faveo Helpdesk
Agents: 1000
Tickets receiving per day: 10000

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