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Help Desk Software System Broadband and Internet Service Providers

How To Enhance Customer Support For Broadband And Internet Service Providers Using Help Desk Software System

Customers today are very demanding. They are well informed and want responses and solutions immediately in a jiffy.

This is tricky for companies that have a growing customer base like the ones in Broadband and Internet Service Providing space, to meet their needs and at the same time, keep the costs down.

The gaps in the current Customer Support model

While most of these companies do have a dedicated Customer Support team, the problem arises when the volume of queries increase along with the company’s growth.

Most of the time, the support staff are bogged by queries and complaints of the repetitive nature. In this melee, the focus in handling the critical one gets lost.

The complaints/queries broadly fall into the following categories:

  • The Internet is slow
  • The Internet is not working
  • Internet connection keeps dropping frequently
  • Billing issues
  • Plan upgrades
  • Payment issues
  • Change of Personal details

These issues frustrate customers who are increasingly using the Internet for almost all their professional and personal requirements. Most of them are also technically challenged and need quick solutions.

An unhappy customer whose query/ complaint is not handled well, wouldn’t think twice before canceling your company’s services and shifting to that of your competitors.

This is where a Help Desk Software System can be of immense value and assistance to your Customer Support Team.

Help Desk Software System for Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Help Desk Software System is a powerful Biz Tech tool that helps you manage and support your current and prospective customers.

They are web based and have a comprehensive query/complaint management protocol and knowledge base built into it.

With this centralized system in place, your customers will be able to submit their queries/complaints, after which a ticket gets generated and the system will automatically allocate to the agents.

The ticket gets closed only when the customer is satisfied, else, it gets escalated to the concerned senior officers.

Help Desk Software System Benefits for an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

  • The entire process is transparent both from the company and customer perspective. The customer can track the status of his query and the company can assess their performance at any point of time.
  • The system generates a Help Desk Software knowledge base of repetitive queries and this helps in resolving the future issues faster.
  • Various reports and analytical tools give info on recurrent problems and areas of weakness. This helps in improving the overall efficiency.
  • The feedback from the customers gives a good idea about their wants and preferences. This is useful when launching new features, new products and in formulating the marketing and branding strategies.
  • The Help Desk Software system also significantly reduces the load on the staff and they can work more efficiently.
  • Moreover, considerably reduces the cost of having a full-fledged team and the complexities involved in sizing.

Faveo Helpdesk Software System

With so many benefits to enjoy, come to us, at Faveo, for the perfect Help Desk Software Solution.

Faveo is easy to use, open source helpdesk solution, that has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of SME’s.

With features that can be integrated and completely customizable, Customer Support and management is easier than ever. Faveo helped PT&T (Broadband Service Provider) in organizing their customer support.

Get in touch with us today, to know more about how we can help you help your customers!

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