Powerful, yet simple Helpdesk management

Faveo Helpdesk helps your team stay organized and keep tabs on customer service

Ticketing Management

Faveo ticketing management system helps you to manage tickets and queries efficiently and effectively.

Ticket Merging

Merge duplicate tickets belonging to the same owner. With Ticket Merging, all relevant information and customer interactions are centralized within one comprehensive ticket. Read more

Ticket Workflow

Allows you to define your own custom workflow for ticket creation. Tailor the ticket creation process to align seamlessly with your business needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient support operation. Read more

Assign Tickets

Faveo allows assignment of tickets to particular agents as well as departments. The ticket assignment functionality allows support managers to allocate tickets to specific agents based on their expertise, skills, and workload.
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Priority Management

Faveo comes loaded with integrated time-assigned priority ticket resolution and support system. Assign priority levels based on the impact and urgency of each ticket, enabling your agents to prioritize their workload efficiently.
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Automation & SLA Management

Faveo automates repetitive tasks and sets Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure timely responses and resolutions, helping support teams stay on top of their commitments.

Auto Reply

Faveo comes with an auto reply system for every ticket raised. This ensures that every ticket raised receives an immediate and personalized acknowledgment.

Time-Saving SLA Configuration

Easily set up and customize SLAs based on your business needs. There is also a separate tab and icon to track tickets which have passed their SLA time limit.
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Canned Responses

By offering predefined, ready-to-use templates for frequently asked questions and common queries, Canned Responses revolutionizes the way your organization handles customer interactions.
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Internal Note

You can include Internal Notes to keep confidential discussions within your team for internal purposes or to maintain ticket-related information for future reference. Specific agents/admins, teams or departments will be notified about the internal note.
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Effortless Customer Interaction with Faveo Helpdesk

Experience superior customer support with budget-friendly, unlimited access, customization, and effortless integration. Customize the platform to your needs, boost team productivity effortlessly, and personalize the system for effortless customer service, all at an affordable cost.

Omni-channel Integration

Connect seamlessly across all channels with our omni-channel integration support software, empowering efficient customer engagement and streamlined support. With Faveo Helpdesk’s Omni-Channel Integration, customers can effortlessly interact with businesses using their preferred communication channels. Whether it’s sending an email, initiating a live chat, or reaching out on social media, customers can expect consistent and personalized support, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. Read more

Unlimited and Affordable

Unlock unlimited user access at an affordable rate with Faveo Helpdesk, empowering your entire team to deliver exceptional customer support. Faveo Helpdesk’s unlimited and affordable pricing model empowers businesses of all sizes to provide top-notch assistance, leaving both customers and your team satisfied.

Self-hosted and Cloud-based

Self-hosted for full control over your data or Cloud version for hassle-free server management, both with Faveo Helpdesk. Tailor the platform to your specific requirements, integrate seamlessly with existing systems, and ensure full compliance with your data policies. Let us handle the technical aspects, while you focus on delivering exceptional customer service.


Customize Faveo Helpdesk to your exact specifications, empowering you with a helpdesk solution that perfectly suits your unique requirements. Our customizable Faveo Helpdesk seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and software, amplifying your team’s efficiency and productivity. Read more

Comprehensive Knowledge Base & FAQs

With a built-in knowledge base, customers can access FAQs and helpful articles to find answers to common questions, reducing the need for contacting support and empowering users to find solutions independently.

Sort Article According to Category

Whether you have a knowledge base, FAQs, or other informational content, this feature offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to create and manage categories effortlessly.

Comments on Articles

Faveo allows users to leave personal comments on saved articles empowering both customers and support agents to collaborate, share insights, and create a vibrant support community.

Unlimited Content

Allows you to upload and manage an extensive repository of articles and FAQs, providing your customers with comprehensive self-service options and empowering your support team with the information they need to excel.

Instant Search

Faveo’s Knowledge Base and FAQs feature a robust search functionality that instantly fetches relevant articles as users type their queries.

Powerful Reporting

As businesses strive for continuous improvement, data-driven insights play a crucial role in making informed decisions. Faveo’s robust reporting capabilities empower organizations to analyze critical support metrics, identify trends, and optimize customer service workflows for a seamless experience.

Turn Around Time(TAT) Reports

The Turn Around Time report calculates the ticket SLA for a specific department using business hours or department hours. Thus, giving you a better understanding of the overall performance of your helpdesk.
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Ticket Volume Trends Report

Ticket volume trends report shows you which day/week/month/year receives the most number of tickets received, unresolved and resolved. You will also be able to see the number of received tickets/resolved tickets/unresolved tickets in the time period displayed in the report. Read more

Performance Distribution Report

Performance distribution report displays you the performance of average response, resolution of the tickets in the system, This report displays the average time of response/average resolution/average first response given tickets count and displayed in the chart.
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Helpdesk In-depth Report

Helpdesk in-depth report gives you an overall summary of the tickets in the helpdesk system which are received, resolved, unresolved, reopened, etc. You can sort the helpdesk in-depth report based on various metrics applied in the report page. Read more

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