Omni-channel Integration

Faveo offers a versatile range of integration options that empower businesses to effectively manage customer interactions and support requests across channels. This allows customers to use their preferred social media platform to find answers to their issues.

Here’s an overview of these integrations and their benefits :

1. Facebook : Seamlessly integrate your company’s Facebook page with Faveo. Customers can conveniently raise their concerns and engage with your business via Facebook Messenger.

2. WhatsApp : Faveo integrates with WhatsApp and enables users to create tickets directly through this popular messaging platform. This feature allows businesses to engage with customers, address their queries and deliver faster solutions.

3. Email : Faveo simplifies the management of support emails. By converting incoming emails into tickets, you can efficiently handle and resolve customer inquiries and issues.

4. Live Chat : Customers can easily engage with your support team through live chat, encouraging immediate assistance and enhancing the overall customer experience.

5. Telephony Plugin : With the telephony plugin, Faveo extends support to phone-based interactions. Customers can create support tickets via phone calls, which are seamlessly converted into tickets.

6. Twitter : Faveo allows you to seamlessly integrate with Twitter. The purpose of this plugin is to fetch the client messages from the social media platform (Twitter), generate a ticket in Faveo and respond to these channels from Faveo.

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