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Why Your School or University needs a Comprehensive Service desk Software Solution

Why Your School or University needs a Comprehensive Service desk Software Solution

Hybrid Education System, that combines in-class and online learning has emerged as the most effective process to educate.  E-learning and digitisation have opened up new dynamic ways of imparting learning within the education sector . Now it’s time for admin and IT services to take the plunge to fill remaining gaps. Here comes the help desk system. After all, this is an era of blackboards and chalks with laptops and tabs.

Round the year, school will have queries from within school, students, staff, parents, guardians, admission seekers and alumni. These queries come at various platforms – phone, email, social media and web forms. The queries can vary from school wi-fi not working to next alumni meet.

IT solutions like help desk software can simplify all the processes – saving time and resources. An ideal help desk can convert queries into tickets, assign them to support agents, and let you categorize them. All this from a single interface. Customer support for education can make a massive difference in the brand image of a university or school as well. Previously we never heard back from those ‘not so functional’ school emails addresses – now,  this is no more the case.To begin with, let the school website have lots of videos, info-chart, calendar, student newsletter, alumni newsletter, school tour along with lots of FAQs,  so that its link can be passed on easily.

Now how will the help desk come in picture?

A) Admission queries

Admission queries

Students and their parents can have endless queries. Some, that have generic and general response, can be taken care of by automated response, FAQs, chat bots while specific queries can be looked at by team. Thill will decrease workload. The kind of questions can have similar answers like syllabus, school calendar and holidays can be looked after with ease. Specific queries will need attention – for instance requesting to join school in the middle of session.

Any parent seeking admission, will pay attention to school or college that is easy  to reach out to and have queries answered in time.

B)  Deal with in-school queries

The staff and students can have persistent queries – many times after school hours. This can be regarding timetable, uniforms, holidays, leaves, school buses, marks and exams. Since many have the same answers – why let one person deal with so many questions. It can be a single software handling all this.  In school queries can vary from projector not working to a child having issues with tab.

C) Admin work

Admin work

From fees to registration to enrollment to admission – various departments deal with various things. Queries reach a peak during fresh session admission time. This software will decrease workload. The school also has various buildings and departments and such software’s help connect all.

D) Alumni

For queries beyond alumni newsletter and keeping the pass outs in touch with the alma mater, we have the help desk.

E) Data and analysis

Data and analysis

In questions, you have the answers. You will get to know trends, topic of queries, areas of interest and also about the areas one needs to work on. These act as feedback platforms too. For instance, if by chance you are getting too many queries regarding coding classes – then you know that you need to focus on this subject also in next year syllabus. 

To conclude with, a comprehensive service desk software solution is essential for educational institutions to streamline support processes, enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and deliver an exceptional user experience. It enables your institution to provide efficient and effective support services, contributing to the overall success and satisfaction of students, faculty, and staff.

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