Sep 24

Empower Customer via Self-help portal

Helpdesk Empower Customer

Customer service begins with empowerment. More the customer is empowered lesser the ticket a business will get. Now the question is how do we empower the customer. There are multiple ways, some of them are

  • Videos
  • FAQ’s
  • Interactive user manual

A Knowledge base or self-help portal helps a business put all these resources in a way so that end user can access it easily. Knowledgebase is a content management system(CMS) specially designed for support purpose, keeping in mind support requirement of any company.

Any business which wants to empower its customer and make documentation, FAQ’s & support news easily accessible to its customer should use a Knowledge base system.

A knowledge base can be a standalone system or part of Ticket based support system.

Faveo provides knowledge base responsive application as a standalone application and also as part of Faveo Helpdesk ticket based support system

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