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Top 10 Tips to improve Customer Service

If, like most business leaders, you also want to focus on improved and increased customer satisfaction, then read this article to know how you can make that happen and get better results.

1.Understand the needs of the customer. Understand your customer requirements completely and make them feel you have their best interests in mind.

2. Greet your clients. If you are dealing with customers, warm them with your smile.

3. Give time and Priority for the customer. It’s very important to spend time with your customers to understand them and explain things. So, always ensure that your customers are your top priority.

4. Value your customers. This can be achieved through the details such as addressing them or making them feel genuinely welcome. If customers feel valued and appreciated by a business then they are more likely to return and make more purchases.

5. Apologize when things go wrong. When any activity goes wrong and as soon as it is realized apologize sincerely and rectify the mistake.

6. Gather customers’ expectations and deliver them on time. Customers are more likely to feel loyalty towards a company that has exceeded their expectations.  So for any customer’s expectation if the target is set deliver them on time.

7. Ask customers for feedback. A business may think that it is performing well in terms of customer service so request customer’s feedback. Take time to thank customers for their help and reward them accordingly.

8. Refine the Process: Once feedback received from customers refine your process accordingly.

9. Focus on internal team coordination: Apart from listening to customer queries and feedback in order to give them a satisfactory solution, the coordination amongst the internal teams is a must.

10. Make use of customer facing Chatbots on your business website: Make use of chatbots to lower some amount of burden off your team’s shoulders and give customers a personalized experience by making use of AI and other budding technologies.


Providing an improved customer service is the need of the hour and one must focus on using ways to work harder as well as smarter as the customers these days are well-informed and are aware of their actions. We should focus on their pain-points and give them what they actually need. This will help them solve their problems and in turn win for us our lifetime customers. If you like to know more about a product which can help respond to your customer queries smartly and effectively, then do consider Faveo Helpdesk and give us a chance to give you a free online demo.

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