Nov 08
Helpdesk Enquiry

Using HELPDESK Software for Enquiry/Lead management

A Helpdesk system has most of the features, which an enquiry management application would have so why have two applications in your organization when you can do with one. The whole idea is to simplify life is it?

A Helpdesk system can work for both pre sales as well as post sales support. Lets see how Helpdesk can be used for enquiry management

What is common between Issue & Lead?

  • Both issue & lead are nothing but tickets
  • Both can be in open state or close state

What are additional features a Lead needs?

  • Lead has intermediate stages or Labels e.g Hot, Cold, Warm leads

A helpdesk system allows assigning of tags, labels to tickets. A User can create it’s own custom tags and labels and assign to tickets/leads/enquiries. This makes it very easy to use a Helpdesk system as enquiry management system.

Faveo HELPDESK can be used for enquiry management, checkout the demo of Faveo here

If you have request for any additional features to be added to Faveo, do send us your feedback and we will implement these features in coming releases.

We also undertake request for custom development of Faveo based on your requirement

You can reach us here

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