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6 effective ways to strengthen your Customer Support Service

Today, customer satisfaction is at the core of all businesses. It not only drives growth but also gives you an opportunity to hear your customer.

Ever wondered, why do you have unsatisfied customers even though you own an exceptional product and have the “world’s best” team servicing your clients? The answer is simple, your customer’s satisfaction is driven by the experience they have with your organization. Thus, an automated and streamlined customer support process is the key to providing exceptional service.

With a boom in the digital era, an individual’s span of attention has drastically reduced. This changes how he/she envisions being treated through the support journey. Below are six effective ways to strengthen your customer support service:

1. Listen To Your Customer and understand their challenges

Customer satisfaction is not an easy job to achieve. So it becomes very important to listen to your customers patiently and ask intelligent and right questions to understand their challenges.

2. Increase employee potential through technology

For your employees to reach their complete potential, it is important to get the best exposure and connectivity in terms of technology. Hiring smart employees & limiting their capabilities due to lack of adequate technology is a loss for both. To overcome such a crisis it is very important to maintain customer communication through advanced customer support software. eg. Such software will not only help them track incoming queries from multiple channels but also maintain SLA by receiving escalations directly into their inbox.

3. Transparent Communication is Crucial

When a customer brings forth a challenge or issue, it’s best to acknowledge the same and work towards a solution. While implementing the solution, share regular updates and if you foresee challenges, inform your client of a revised deadline immediately. This will build transparency and increase customer confidence. 

4. Reduce customer wait time

According to Oracle, more than 80 percent of Twitter and 50 percent of Facebook users expect a response to a customer service inquiry in a day or less. Keeping your customer’s waiting is not a good practice because Time is Money! 

5. Adopt Customer-Centric Approach

The customer is the King. Each customer will come with a set of requirements and questions that are either extremely urgent or important. The idea is to tailor your USP and strengths as per their challenges to make it easiest for them to connect the dots.

6. Incorporate automated processes

Identify and transfer manual processes to automated tools. These tools will help with different activities for different functions of your business eg. A customer support software will help understand client issues and prioritize them based on the degree of urgency and their frequency.

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Abhinava Roy, a versatile expert, holds dual roles as the Business Development Manager and Sales Manager at Ladybird Web Solution. Fuelled by an unwavering passion for business development, Abhinava drives the company's growth and success with dedication and precision.

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