Helpdesk In-depth Report

Helpdesk in-depth report

Faveo helpdesk in-depth report gives you an overall summary of the tickets in the helpdesk system which are received, resolved, unresolved, reopened, etc. Helpdesk In-depth report displays the properties of the tickets created within the specified time period. You can sort the helpdesk in-depth report based on various metrics applied on the report page.

Faveo Support system extends this functionality by presenting the report data in different chart types, allowing users to choose the format that best suits their needs, such as Bar, Horizontal Bar, Pie or Doughnut charts. Moreover, users can also view the helpdesk in-depth report based on different categories like view by status, view by priority, view by source and view by type.

Help desk in-depth Report filters have various kinds of properties using which you can filter the report and view the chart based on the filters. If you want to get even more specific with your report, you can use filters. Filters are like special tools that let you pick exactly what you want to see. You can click on the Filter button in the top right corner of the report, and it will help you choose what information you’re interested in.  If you want to filter the helpdesk in-depth report by using custom fields, you can make use of “Add custom filter” and select the ticket custom properties from the list with which you want to filter. With this feature, users can select ticket custom properties from a list, narrowing down the report results to precisely match their requirements.

Faveo Helpdesk in-depth reports offer several advantages that are user-friendly and easy to understand :

1. Performance Evaluation : Helpdesk reports allow you to evaluate the performance of your support team. You can track metrics like response times, resolution times, and customer satisfaction scores.

2. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction : By analyzing reports, you can identify patterns in customer satisfaction levels.

3. Proactive Issue Resolution : In-depth reports help users identify recurring issues and patterns in support requests. This allows them to take a proactive approach to resolving problems, reducing the number of incoming support tickets.

4. Efficient Teamwork and Accountability : Reports can be shared with the support team, creating a sense of accountability and encouraging better performance.

5. Resource Allocation : By understanding the volume and types of support requests, users can assign staff and resources to the areas that require the most attention. Users can access valuable insights from the reports to improve processes, allocate resources effectively, and enhance customer service strategies.

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