Performance Distribution Reports

Performance Distribution Reports

The performance distribution graphs focus on the agent and group performance metrics, including first response time, average response time, and resolution time. These metrics are calculated based on the specific business hours associated with each ticket.

In Faveo, it calculates the time and displays the report for three key areas

  1. First Response Time on Tickets
  2. Average Response Time on Tickets
  3. Resolution Time on Tickets


The Performance Time Trend Chart showcases the report on the time taken for First Response, Average Response Time, and Resolution Time. You have the flexibility to view this chart in various formats, including daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Performance Distribution Report filters have various kinds of properties using which you can filter the report and view the chart based on the filters. These filters include attributes such as Subject, Ticket ID, Requester, Organization, Department, Help Topic and more. Additionally, you can add custom fields by selecting the “Add Custom Field” option. If you desire to apply custom filters for the performance distribution report, you can do so by using the “Add Custom Filter” feature. This allows you to select specific ticket custom properties from a list, enter your criteria, and then click “Apply” to filter and access the report. 

Performance Distribution Reports in faveo helpdesk software offer a range of valuable benefits:

1. Tracking Metrics : You can closely monitor key metrics such as first response time, average response time and resolution time. This helps in maintaining service quality and meeting customer expectations.

2. Add Custom Fields : You can add custom fields to the report, which allows for more in-depth analysis and reporting based on your specific requirements.

3. Customization : The ability to apply filters based on various attributes allows you to tailor the report to specific criteria, which is particularly useful when you want to focus on particular aspects of your support operation.

4. Visual Representation : The reports provide a visual representation of performance metrics, making it easier to interpret and share insights with your team.

5. Agent and Group Assessment : These reports allow you to evaluate the performance of individual agents and groups within your helpdesk system, enabling you to identify areas for improvement.

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