Problem Management

Problem Management

Problem Management focuses on minimizing the number of tickets by finding the underlying cause and getting the issue resolved quickly and efficiently as possible. It is a proactive approach to preventing future incidents by addressing the underlying causes rather than just treating the symptoms.

The problem is the cause of one or more tickets (Incidents). When one or more tickets created for the same issue,  a problem can be attached to the ticket to identify the root cause for it.


Service Desk allows admin and authenticated agents to create, edit, delete and view the problem. Agents can access problem management functionality based on the permissions given for the agents. You can attach the problem with tickets and changes. Assets  can also be attached to problem and associated problems will be visible in the associated assets view page.

Benefits of Effective Problem Management:

1. Enhanced Reliability and Stability : By proactively addressing underlying issues, problem management significantly improves the overall stability and reliability of IT systems and services.

2. Cost-Efficiency : Resolving problems at their root reduces the need for constant firefighting and reactive measures. This ultimately saves both time and resources in the long run.

3. Improved Customer Satisfaction : Users experience fewer disruptions, leading to higher satisfaction levels. They can trust that IT services will consistently meet their needs.

4. Facilitates Continuous Improvement : The insights gained from problem management can be used to refine processes, update documentation, and implement preventive measures, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

5. Knowledge Enrichment : Through the documentation and analysis of problems, you create a valuable knowledge base. This repository of information can be used to train support teams, inform end-users about common issues, and improve overall understanding of the system.

6. Compliance and Reporting : Problem management aids in meeting compliance requirements and reporting obligations. By documenting and tracking problems and their resolutions, you have a clear record of how incidents were handled, which can be invaluable for audits and compliance checks.

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