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Is there a way to turn people that complain about your services into brand advocates?

A study created recently by Edison Research clearly shows that the number of complaints that a brand receives on a daily has seen an exponential increase rate and the numbers just keep raising all the time.

But this does offer quite a lot of opportunities for business growth even if it might not sound like it at first, it’s all about knowing what to do and how you do it, as the end results can be more than impressive. You just have to use a good help desk software and customer support software but also maintain a good connection with your users to get the best outcome!

You get to make an impact

If you choose to work with people that complain and solve their issues via a support ticket system or a customer service software, then you will show them that your brand takes care of all its clients. You can easily turn them into brand advocates and they will share your content as well as your site and name because they are happy with the result. Sure, you do need to acquire a good helpdesk ticketing system or a trouble ticket system to get the best outcome, but this is one investment that will really pay off in the long run.

Word of mouth can be 20 times more impactful than advertising so you have to do all you can in order to address this issue properly and the results can be more than impressive with the proper, free helpdesk ticketing system. This allows you to manage customer requests efficiently and a good support ticket software will really pay off because customers will become great brand advocates a lot faster.

You make people loyal

Another benefit of using a good service desk software and reliable help desk software is that you can make people loyal thanks to them. Customers always tend to stick around with service providers or product creators that deliver the best experience. As long as you know that and make sure that your customer support software and support team is optimized to deliver the best service, you will have no problem getting return customers!

Complaining customers can be worth a lot more for your brand than one time purchasers

A happy customer will always tend to spread joy but if you had a customer with bad experiences that was helped fast you will get even more exposure and the outcome will be more than impressive. Of course you have to keep in mind the fact that a proper help desk software will help you get all of these results, so do try and make sure that you make the right choice when you use such a tool!

A professional customer support software like Faveo ( and a dedicated support team is all you need in order to turn the complaining customers into brand advocates. Sure, it will take a lot of work and the results will not come as fast as you would expect but in the end you get some incredible results and a stellar user experience. Don’t hesitate and get a good help desk software immediately, it can improve your relationship with customers and in the end it can really deliver a truly extraordinary outcome!

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