Nov 10

Why is chat essential for winning the Customer Service game?

Who doesn’t love instant replies, no matter if they are from your loved ones or a product support team?

There could be no better option than chat to have a real-time interaction with your customers. Now is the time when nobody wants to wait for long hours to get replies via email or phone calls.

Through chat support, the team can proactively address the client queries and resolve them promptly. Below, we are discussing why chat is a boon to win over your customers.

1. Faster Responses as compared to tickets:

Being able to get immediate support as compared to email boosts customer satisfaction. You can engage, support, and retain your customers and provide real-time assistance to website visitors with the chat software. When customers do not have to wait for a long time they are more happy and satisfied.

Chat allows you to use Canned responses, Shortcodes, multiple agent support, and instant screen sharing.

2. Boost Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction depends upon knowing and meeting customers’ expectations. Chat tool provides real-time support which levels up the customer satisfaction game. Studies have found 73% of consumers are “very satisfied” with their experiences over real-time messaging, compared to 61% for email and 44% for phone support.

3. Chatbots:

The brand image of a company depends more or less on the quality of service given to customers. Automating customer service with chatbots provides long-term benefits for businesses. Studies have shown 31.7% of major companies like TCS are already using AI for customer service.

Below are the advantages of using Chatbots for customer service:

a) Faster Response:  Using bots as the first point of customer contact, addresses customers’ queries with instant answers and improves the customer service experience.

b) Scalability: AI chatbots can be scaled easily to handle a high volume of chats.

c) Handle basic queries: If your businesses need 24×7 support, chatbots are the best as they can answer the FAQs by customers and reduce the number of support tickets raised by customers.

d) Boost customer engagement: Chatbots are available 24×7 to engage customers.

No doubt, the support team gives their best in providing an exceptional and on-point experience to customers. They should be trained and must follow Chat Etiquettes to be exceptional to win the customer service game.

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Bhanu Pratap Singh Slathia, entrepreneur and web solutions professional, founder of Ladybird Web Solution based out of Bangalore. An all-out team player, Bhanu brings a keen eye for detail and a results oriented focus to each and every project undertaken.

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