Yalla Fel Sekka (YFS) is a technology company specialized in providing Intra-city urban logistics & courier services. They are disrupting the delivery industry intending to improve efficiency and help reduce overall delivery time, this can only be achieved with three YFS pillars People, Technology & Speed.

Problem faced earlier before using Faveo:

We were unable to manage our clients. Communication with clients was not clear and trackable.


With Faveo we managed to get in touch with our clients in a timely and appreciable manner. Delivering according to the client’s needs has become easy with Faveo. We are glad we tried Faveo.

Experience with Faveo:

It’s going to be a year soon with our collaboration and we are very happy with the product and the service provided. We are looking forward to enjoying the collaboration for many more years.

Industry: Software
Customer Since: 2020

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