A Big Thank you

“Perfection is impossible; just strive to do your best” – Angela Watson

This is what we believe in. We at Ladybird Web Solutions understand our commitments to our clients thus we work every day to make Faveo better. We put lots of effort in making our product a better solution for our clients and their businesses.

Security is a top priority for us. We ensure that Faveo is safe and secure for our clients. We also put a lot of effort into ensuring the security of our client’s data.

We recognize the value that external security researchers can bring to the security of Faveo. We welcome and seek to honor the security researchers. We encourage you to let us know if you come across any such vulnerability in Faveo.

Security researchers and our clients are encouraged to report any behavior impacting the information security posture. If you are performing research, please use your own accounts and do not interact with other people’s accounts or data.

We Thank our star contributors who helped us to shine brighter.


  • Mudassir Ejaz
  • Oly
  • Shahrir Shafie

For any responsible revelation of security vulnerability, send an email to support@ladybirdweb.com with complete details that would help us investigate at our end. Please add screenshots and videos to help us understand it better.

Document your findings thoroughly, provide steps to reproduce, and send your report to us. We will work with the affected teams to validate the report.

We will notify you of remediation and may reach out for questions or clarification. You must be available to provide additional information if needed by us to reproduce and investigate the report.

NOTE: Please do not use 3rd party sites when doing testing. We understand the use case, please utilize assets that you explicitly own and control yourself. please make sure that all of it goes through domains you have control over. Thanks!

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