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5 key Features To Look For In Helpdesk Software

5 key Features To Look For In Helpdesk Software

Do you feel that your customers are happy with your services while your agents are juggling a huge pile of tickets demanding quick resolutions? If your response to all these questions is no? Then it is high time you consider tools like helpdesk software.

Streamlined operation matters when it comes to customer service. A customer support tool eliminates the repetition of work and efforts of agents and also helps them streamline operations. It efficiently and promptly helps customers and improves the overall performance of the organization.

But before we dive into how we can streamline customer service let’s understand which 5 key factors you should look for in a helpdesk software.

1. Teamwork


Of course, teamwork is important and every customer support team must include it. Here we are talking about one collaborative effort in which all the departments have one shared inbox where they can together resolve tickets faster. Agents have access to all tickets because of which they can easily track and streamline each inquiry. System admin can make notes, assign tasks and add comments wherein agents can see them and quickly take action.

The teamwork functionalities of faveohelpdesk software such as alerts, history, child ticket and knowledge base expedite the ticket resolution process. This helpdesk software also has capabilities such as video sharing and screenshots. So that customers and agents have common ground to resolve issues. 

When you are not able to provide instant resolution to your customer then you can also utilize its important features such as canned responses, and you can automatically communicate with a customer to resolve the issues.

2. Quick Response

Quick Response

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and now imagine how you feel when you submit a ticket to the customer support department but they turn a deaf year to your queries. It would be quite frustrating, right? 

Offering a swift response is the way out. When a customer sees their ticket being received and it is acknowledged after following a step-by-step process, they realise the sincerity at your end. Always look for a tool that comes with features such as auto-response to customers on the creation of a new ticket.

3. Self Help

Self Help

Your customer might need you all the time but you are not omnipresent. It is not viable for your team to be present for your customers 24/7. So, in that case, it is a wise idea to choose a helpdesk software that is equipped with the knowledge base. Provide your customers with a centralised system that provides solutions everywhere and all the time. It should include help guides, manuals, community forums and all the documentation.

4. User friendly

User friendly

There is an email-like interface which enhances searchability and simplifies ticket management for teams and departments. Not only there are separate labels like tickets linked with escalation, core problems and queries. You can even create customized labels related to the specific problems of the customer.

Additionally, whenever a new ticket is generated alert is sent to the agents and everyone in the team and when an agent adds notes, that can be seen by everyone, again a notification is also sent for overdue tickets and ticket assignment.

5. Report and Analysis

Report and Analysis

Improve the performance of your agents with the reporting functionality of helpdesk software. You can easily track the performance of the customer support team and check the areas of improvement. It is advisable to buy a tool that comes with a customer survey tool. 

Gather feedback through sources such as NPS (net promoter score ) and surveys. You can also gather data from responses given by agents on tickets, experience and feedback given by customers, and ratings given by customers to the agents. Once all of this is done, then you can create a holistic and targeted training plan for your agents. 

Final Thoughts 

While choosing a helpdesk software always prioritizes features like customization, reporting, and user-friendliness of the software. Focusing on these aspects will ensure a smooth and efficient support operation, the productivity of an agent and finally customer satisfaction which will enhance the overall growth of your organization. For all the above capabilities Faveohelpdesk is an ideal choice that will meet all your requirements efficiently.

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