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5 Tips On How To Deal With Difficult Customers

Have you ever come across a situation where you had to deal with a difficult customer who is not willing to listen to your explanation regarding a particular scenario and wants a possible solution as quickly as possible?

Most salespeople are extremely terrified of such customers, but we would like to make a note here that these difficult customers if dealt with patiently and nicely, become the best clients and also help advocate your brand through word of mouth.

In this article, we will tell you about the five main tips that will help you deal with such types of customers in a way that would help your organization in the long run.

1) Always be a good listener

When the customer is explaining the entire matter to you, you should always listen to them very carefully and should reply back with some common fillers like:’yes’, ‘I can understand’, and ‘I see’ from time to time. This will help make sure your customer that you are listening to them and not busy with any other work. Being an active listener is key to great customer service. As we all like to be listened to, it will not only help you gain an insight into the exact cause of concern regarding the customer’s query but also make it less likely that they will be angry with you. You should ask more and more questions to really understand the problem and try summarizing the situation.

2) Speak in a professional manner

Customers only want to hear how you are going to solve their problems. They are not at all interested in the things which cannot be done at your end to reach the solution. So, always speak in a positive and professional manner so that he/she finds it easier to have future interactions as well as feel that it was not a waste of time to get in touch. Keep your sentences short and to the point, because large blocks of sentences are anyways going to get ignored. Your goal should be to reply to customer queries and make them feel that they are being listened to. Always use your customer’s name in your conversation as through this he/she feels that more personalized attention is being given to them. You can also make a template of the most common replies. This not only will help you to reply professionally but also quickly.

3) Never argue with your customer

You should never argue with your customer. As the customer at that time is already very angry and in a bad mood. This will only make things worse. All that, he/she needs at that time is to be heard and take quick action. If you behave patiently at that time and reply positively, it will help in regaining the confidence of the customer and make things better. Always keep calm and never take things personally. Focus on finding quicker solutions so that it can help in putting an end to the unpleasant situation. You are a professional and you have to deal with such difficult situations wisely. A decision was taken wrong or in a fit of anger can have a long-lasting effect on your company’s reputation.

4) Empathize with them

In order to build a meaningful relationship with your customers, you should have the ability to identify and acknowledge the feelings of others. You should know ways to empathize with your customers. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Always listen to your customers carefully.
  2. Use meaningful phrases.
  3. Confirm from them their exact concern/query.
  4. Always stay positive.
  5. Show that you care for your customers.

You can’t generally take care of a client’s concern, however, you can generally treat them with the greatest amount of regard and demonstrate your dependability as an organization.

5) Take customer feedback seriously

Getting to know how your customers feel about your product and your services can help in making informed decisions to keep on working on improving the quality of both your product and services. Feedback actually tells the level of satisfaction of a customer and how we could work on improving it further. It helps gain customer loyalty and build credibility in the eyes of your customer. The advantages of client feedback incorporate a superior comprehension of clients, more prominent consumer loyalty, more references, and higher income.


The most important resource for any organization is its customers. So, it is our duty to ensure that we are taking care of our client’s requirements. You should always focus on keeping current customers happy which results in more stable revenue and more accurate predictions. Clearly, you can draw in new clients with superb things, amazing gifts, or decrease your product costs; however, in the event that you’re not making relationships with them, they’re not going to return or do indirect marketing through word of mouth for your organization.

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