ABK Teknik


Since 2008, ABK Technical Manufacturing and Engineering Solutions Ltd. has been one of the best distributors of CAD, CAm, and CAE in Turkey. They work on innovation and design changes in the world in Turkey, it has the mission to reflect the high-quality service to the principle of product development and manufacturing processes. Abk Teknik provides service with its accumulating knowledge and engineering experience, expert, certified technical support and trained staff, professional sales team.

Why Faveo Helpdesk ?

After evaluating so many help desk software, abk technique finalized faveo helpdesk. They wanted to buy software that is affordable and matches their requirements.

“Faveo has an easy installation and a very supportive team. Also, they are having more features in their road map.“

The Solution

Whether the client wishes to request a new SolidWorks software, their hardware needs such as a 3D printer or is having issues with their current one, abk technique staff ensure each and every request is managed through Faveo.

Software company
Istanbul, Turkey

Customer story with Faveo

We searched on internet and investigate lots of help desk software.

  • Of course starting to use Faveo made our team happy.
  • Previously we were using our CRM system to track Customer support records, but actually CRM system is not built for that kind of tracking, and their subscription fees were too high for us, but from when we are using faveo helpdesk we have made our team very happier.

We’d love to work with you !

Faveo HelpDesk helps you build a reliable relationship with your customers
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