Contract Management

Contract management

Service Desk has built-in functionality for maintaining records of contracts with vendors. Here, Contracts are the agreement made between the assets and vendors like Lease, Maintenance and Software license etc… you can also add the contract start date and end date for the assets. Based on the contracts added for the assets you can renew or extend it.

Contract module is associated with the asset management module. So it lets you track the contracts made with each asset item and notify the agent’s about the contract expiry and make them renew the contract or extend it for another specific time.

Authenticated agents who are permitted to access contracts module are allowed to create, edit, delete, view, renew, extend and export the details of the contracts based on the given permission.

This comprehensive solution empowers organizations to streamline contract-related processes, mitigate risks, and optimize business relationships.

Key Features :

1. Centralized Repository : Store and manage all contracts in a single, secure location, ensuring easy access and control over contract documents.

2. Contract Templates : Create standardized contract templates to ensure consistency and compliance across all agreements.

3. Automated Alerts and Notifications : Receive timely reminders for upcoming deadlines, renewals, and potential compliance issues.

4. Collaborative Workflows : Facilitate seamless collaboration among stakeholders during contract review, approval, and execution.

5. Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics : Gain insights into contract performance, vendor relationships, and overall business impact.

6. Integration with Other Modules : Seamlessly integrate contract data with other Faveo Helpdesk modules for a holistic view of business operations.

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