Oct 26
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Faveo HelpDesk Lite for ResellerClub or LogicBoxes

Looking out for a CRM/Helpdesk application to work along with ResellerClub or Logic boxes.

Look no further, we have Faveo, which is a ticket-based support system with following features

  • Helpdesk
  • Knowledgebase
  • Chat

 Faveo Reseller Club integration has following additional features beyond Faveo’s standard features

  • User can login to Faveo with supersite user id & password
  • When a ticket is raised agent/admin can see all the orders associated with that particular user/email address within Faveo itself
  • Every new user registered on Faveo will get registered on Supersite also.

This integration will work with any LogicBoxes reseller like

Check our Faveo demo here

You can reach us on +91 80 3075 2618 or email us on

We can also customized Faveo further as per your requirement and specification & we are open to feedbacks & changes to Faveo.

Faveo is designed & developed with simplicity in mind and it will be one tool to manage your customer support & keep tab on both pre & post sales support.

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Bhanu Pratap Singh Slathia, entrepreneur and web solutions professional, founder of Ladybird Web Solution based out of Bangalore. An all-out team player, Bhanu brings a keen eye for detail and a results oriented focus to each and every project undertaken.

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