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Track Customer Tickets With Faveo Ticketing System

Track Customer Tickets With Faveo Ticketing System

When you start working in customer support you will begin to notice that many a times customer ask the same questions or come up with the same problems.  You will start observing the patterns of repeat, making you undergo the same troubleshooting over the 100th time again.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could streamline the process once and for all? And here is the thing! You can easily do it with the Faveo ticketing system. In this blog we will explore why do you need ticketing system, and how Faveo ticketing system helps in tracking customer ticket.

But why do you need a Ticketing System? Let’s understand this first

If you are working in a customer support team, you already know that your work relies heavily on a ticketing system to organize, and maintain the workload and also to work on the most important issues on a priority basis. So, rather than checking the old records you would most probably make use of a ticketing system to quickly find out archive cases and identify the important historical information.

How Faveo ticketing system help in tracking customer tickets?

Faveo Helpdesk is a robust customer support ticketing system designed to help businesses of all sizes. Let’s unveil how it offers to track customer support tickets.

Centralized Ticketing System

Faveo’s ticketing system provides a central hub for managing all customer support tickets. This makes sure that all tickets are recorded and tracked in single repository , which simplifies the process even further to monitor and manage the workflow. The system enables customer representatives to create, assign, and prioritize tickets based on immediate concerns of customers’ urgency, promising that critical issues are addressed first.

Ticket Merging and Workflow

The ticket merging feature of Faveo helps in merging the multiple tickets from the same customers at a single place which helps in offering a more efficient and customised solution to handle the specific issues. This helps in creating a workflow that’s more seamless and tailor-made and helps businesses with their particular needs.

Automation and SLA Management

This software helps to automate repetitive tasks and ensures timely responses and regulations in response to service level agreements ( SLA), which allows agents to stick to their promises and maintain the highest level of service. This system also incorporates auto-reply features which ensures that every query received gets a quick solution.

Canned responses

This feature helps with pre-defined and ready-made templates for frequently asked questions so you can use them for future reference. Admins usually create response templates in their systems and these can be used to quickly reply without having to rephrase and repeat the answers, it saves a lot of time and makes customers happier.

Ticket Priority

Ticket priority is another feature that ensures critical issues are addressed first. There are different ways of highlighting priorities such as high, low, normal and emergency. You can also use colours to highlight these priority levels. And you can also choose to use only normal and emergency as per your preference. Prioritising tickets offers quick seamless and effective communication.

Internal Notes

The use of adding internal notes is to keep private conversations within the internal team. It could be anything from recording information about customer inquiries to previous conversations and from more repeated problems to steps taken to fix the problem. Members of the concerned departments get notified about the internal notes within the system.

Omnichannel Integration

Faveo allows seamless connection across multiple channels with omnichannel integration software. You can incorporate your business’s Facebook page along with that you can integrate WhatsApp, Email, Live chat, and Twitter as well. This allows users to connect with your business directly for their concerns and help them get quick solutions to their problems.

Ticket Volume Trend Report

This feature helps in gathering data like on which day, date, month, year most queries were received.  Not only that you can also see the number of resolved or unresolved tickets on a particular day. This will help you understand the ticket flow in your system. This feature will help you by providing insightful analytics, strategic planning, customized reporting and proactive issue resolution.

Customisable Solution

You get a customization option with faveo helpdesk. It offers you a solution that accords well with your specific needs. You can create ticket forms as per your need, and make changes in the client portal as per your company’s branding. You can integrate this software with your existing tools. This will help in improving your team’s efficiency and help in providing excellent service to your customers.

Self-hosted and Cloud Based

Faveo provides both self-hosted and cloud-based solutions. Self-hosted solution allows you to have full control over your data and cloud-based solution provides full management that ensures the security of your vital data. You can choose any of those options depending on your business needs.

Sort and Comment on articles

This user-friendly tool allows you to sort articles whether it is FAQ, knowledge base or self-help guides, your customers will easily get whatever they search for. It also empowers your customers to leave comments on the articles to share useful insights and give a platform for customers and agents to collaborate.

Unlimited Content

You can upload content like FAQ, knowledge bases, self-help guides and articles which gives power to your customers to find the solution to the problem on their own and also help your employees with the knowledge they need to enhance their skills.

Turn around time

Turn around time tells the exact time it takes for a department to solve a query from start to end. With this software, you can track exactly how much time it took for completion of single task. It improves overall efficiency, provides faster issue resolution and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Performance distribution report

Performance distribution report tells the performance of agents. It includes various metrics like first response time, average response time and resolution time. You can easily view these reports in different formats such as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Helpdesk in-depth report

It gives you in-depth reports such as how many tickets were received, and how many of them were solved, resolved and reopened within the specified period. You can also view your reports in different formats like bar, horizontal bar, pie chart and doughnut charts. You also have the freedom to view reports in different categories such as view by status, view by priority, view by source and view by type.

Assign Tickets

Tickets can be assigned to an individual or a team depending upon the capability and expertise. Tickets can be assigned manually or automatically.  Tickets can be assigned manually by admins or authenticated agents. Auto assignments are done by round-robin schedule. This way you can manage the vast flow of tickets and improve customer satisfaction.


Faveo helpdesk is a robust and comprehensible ticketing system that streamlines the customer support by offering centralized ticketing system, automated and SLA management and customisable solutions, which enhances the overall performance of your team and enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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