Install service

$99Per Installation
  • Professional Installation
  • 4 working hours install service
  • Install on Shared, Dedicated, VPS, Cloud Hosting

Support Service

$15Per issue
  • Professional support
  • 4 working hours support
  • Via Email, Phone, Skype

Customization Service

$16Per Hour
  • Requirement manual & User manual created
  • Customization as per requirement
  • Customization via plugins

Faveo Upgrade

$70Per Upgrade
  • Professional support
  • 4 working hours support
  • Upgrade from old to latest Faveo



  • Installation service will be provided on any server of your choice from shared, dedicated, VPS or Cloud
  • The server you provide should have web server, PHP & Database already pre configured
  • On Cloud we would prefer Platform as a Service (PaaS) over Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Our team has expertise on working with AWS, cPanel, Plesk panel.
  • If Faveo is customized via plugins you will continue to get Faveo updates
  • We customize Faveo via plugins
  • We avoid changing core files of Faveo during customization
  • Only in rare cases where customization is not possible via plugins and core files are changed will you stop getting new updates of Faveo

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