Block Software

Introduction is characterized by innovations, service and customer focus. Their goal is to find a solution together with the customer. The Company also offers support in building and managing websites and webshops, various hosting solutions and online backups.

Problem faced earlier before using Faveo:

With a lot of different services and agent skills, it is hard to assign tickets to the right person. And have a nice report about the time spent on each customer. so we are receiving small tickets with minor problems but also very critical ones.


Faveo has been widely adopted by our staff as it helps our teams to excel at their jobs and ultimately it has improved the service they offer to our customers. With Faveo we are able to assign the tickets directly to the right agent for that department based on the ticket input. The workflows, SLA, Business Hours are easy to define and we create a different scenario. 

Experience with Faveo:

Faveo ensured that the implementation process was as smooth as possible, and the team was up and running within 24 hours. The combination of social, email, knowledgebase, mobile and customizations all together are what sealed the deal for us. The product is great and their agents are determined to make it fit their customer’s needs.

Future with Faveo:

I hope to be using their software for a long time and that is possible. They need to stay sharp, think about nice and handy options.

Company: Blocksoftware 
Industry: ICT
Location: Netherlands

Faveo Helpdesk
Agents:  5
Tickets receiving per day: 15

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