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About Company:

The foundations of GÜNDOĞDU FURNITURE were laid by Aydın GÜNDOĞDU at the end of the 70’s. After marketing, selling and distributing various products in different regions of our country under the name of Gündoğdu Pazarlama, our company stepped into the furniture sector by establishing the first production area on a workshop basis in Trabzon in the mid-80s by Aydın GÜNDOĞDU and took the name GÜNDOĞDU FURNITURE.

GÜNDOĞDU FURNITURE brings all the products it produces to the end consumer without intermediaries through more than 100 Factory Outlets in the Black Sea, Marmara, Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia and Central Anatolia Regions. In addition, it exports to European countries such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, especially to eastern bloc countries such as Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Turkic Republics such as Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Problem faced earlier before using Faveo:

We were missing on Clients’ queries, taking care of clients’ issues was a task for us. 


With Faveo Our team has a manageable approach to the queries raised by our clients. Our Customers are happy, we are happy.

Experience with Faveo:

Experience is good, we are planning to add agent to our support team.

Industry: Furniture
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