About Company:

Intelygenz is one of the software companies that is driven to enhance businesses through the deployment of A.I. enabled automation and production solutions. Their solutions empower businesses to generate true ROI through the building of custom software products and process automation. They elevate these solutions with a stack of artificial intelligence tools and techniques, enabling their customers to expand capabilities with Intelligent Products and drive exponential efficiency with Intelligent Process Automation.

Problem faced earlier before using Faveo:

They were looking for a management solution with a good API and also tracking different projects simultaneously was a bit difficult for them.


Using different APIs, to manage and track different projects at a time made easier for them. Faveo provided them one centralized platform where they can track all the projects. Helps to improve their agent’s efficiency.

Refer Faveo to other businesses:

“I’m glad to work with them and especially when  API is a critical point for them”

Future with Faveo:

Faveo brings many benefits such as competitive price, ease of use, and strong release roadmap – so it made a lot of sense to have a great future with Faveo.

Industry: Software
Customer Since: 2020

Faveo Helpdesk Company
Agents: 20
Tickets receiving per day: 800

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