About Company:

Linkt is one of the Telecoms experts organization in France which started working from the desire to build and deliver an offer combining national coverage with a local organization. Their main focus is to serve totally new customer relationships and services, digital, human, and personalized. Linkt offers high-speed internet access, site interconnection, telephony, cloud, and security solutions.

Problems faced earlier before using Faveo:

Before Faveo, they were using some other helpdesk software that did not satisfy their need to synchronize their work. With the previous software, they faced flexibility and performance issues.

Experience with Faveo:

Faveo allowed them to reorganise 3 helpdesk applications in one. Faveo also provides a lot of interesting features, and the stack (Laravel-Vue-Mysql) allows them to add customization whenever they need it.

Refer Faveo to other businesses:

Linkt is satisfied by migrating to Faveo usage from our previous tool.

Future with Faveo:

The Faveo team is always available to understand our requirements, queries and their product is very flexible which is open to all types of customizations as per our business model.

Industry: Telecom
Customer Since: 2020

Faveo Helpdesk
Agents: >160
Tickets receiving per day: 150

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