Living Stones Group

About Company:

Living Stone Group is a global technology firm with expertise in IT, Delivery Leadership, Security, and Telecommunications. Our team has a deep understanding of technology and emotional intelligence giving us the ability to work with people and technology well. We help bring technology to its intended purpose. We focus on security, reliability and performance. Our customer service makes support accessible and comfortable, and our standardized process is key to our support delivery.

We have a single-minded, uncompromising obsession with one thing: Customer Relationships. By fostering trust in our business relationships, we seek to understand your culture, vision, mission and business process. We partner with you to accomplish your business goals.

Problem faced earlier before using Faveo:

Earlier, we were having issues with the previous software to manage our customer support activities.


With the great help of Faveo, now, we can manage our customer support team in an organized manner.

Experience with Faveo:

The team is appreciable and has guided us in the best possible way. The product is budget-friendly and reliable to use. At the moment, the license we bought covers all our requirements. Also, I am looking forward to opening new channels – wapp and chat, in the coming future.

Living Stones Group.
Industry: Software
Customer Since: 2021

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