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Tritel Global is a Faveo Partner in the Philippines. we resell Faveo Service Desk/Helpdesk to enterprise customers including Contact Centers. Aside from Faveo, Tritel Global also resells products and services that are required in the Contact Center space.

Refer Faveo to other businesses:

Yes, definitely.

Future with Faveo:

As Faveo partner, we will continue to look for opportunities and reach out to organizations who may have looked into Faveo’s website for follow through to arrange demos.

Tritel Global

System Integrator/Faveo Partner

“We’ve had a positive experience with Faveo. They’ve been instrumental in guiding us through the implementation process and providing excellent support during configuration. Their comprehensive knowledge base has proven invaluable as we navigate various configurations and processes. The upfront payment requirement, while initially surprising, has actually streamlined the process, particularly given our past experiences with Megaworld. While allowing clients to configure independently can sometimes prolong the setup phase, Faveo’s robust support mitigates this issue. However, there’s room for clarity regarding the RFS date, as Faveo may consider it upon deployment to the server while clients may argue it should commence upon system use. Overall, Faveo’s support and expertise have greatly contributed to our positive experience.”
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