Winjit Technologies Pvt Ltd

About Company:

Winjit is one of India’s leading technology providers with over a decade of experience in innovating engineering solutions across industries. Founded in 2004, by two technology enthusiasts, Abhijit Junagade and Ashwin Kandoi. Over the years, both worked around the clock to build strategic solutions that made a difference in a wide range of AI and automation platforms for businesses. With a track record of successful clients, Winjit sublimed the outreach by establishing a presence at an international level, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and Singapore.

Problem faced earlier before using Faveo:

Service Tracking was a hectic job for us, we tried a few software but none was meeting our needs. It was hard to keep a track of things.


Faveo has come as a savior for us. Our experience with Faveo has been amazing. The service Faveo has given us is quite good. The workflows, SLA, Business Hours are easy to define and we create a different scenario.

Experience with Faveo:

Faveo ensured to complete implementation as committed, I would definitely recommend Faveo to Other Businesses. It’s easy to use and highly customizable.

Winjit Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Industry: Software
Customer Since: 2004

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