Service Desk

Powerful, yet simple Service Desk management

Faveo service desk software with ITIL / ITSM compliance helps your team stay organized and keep tab on customer service.

Plugin Module

Faveo has an inbuilt plugin module through which one can upload plugins.


Faveo has an inbuilt search option for easy navigation and access to tools and options available.

Unlimited content

Faveo comes with capability to upload unlimited content as many article and faq’s.

Ticketing Management

Faveo ticketing management system helps you to manage tickets and queries efficiently and effectively.

Ticket Overdue

A separate tab and icon to track tickets which have crossed SLA

Daily Report

Faveo sends daily email report to its Admin and Agents about Tickets.

Email Integration

Faveo can read emails and generate tickets out of every email.

Email Template

All the emails going out from the system can be customised to change design, as well as content.

Change ticket owner

Ticket ownership can be changed from one user to another.

Problem Management

Problem identification, Problem analysis, Solution to identified problems, Linked with tickets

SEO Friendly url

Faveo allows to create Search engine friendly URL & user definable.

Dashboard Reports

Faveo lets you maintain steady and detailed record of all the tickets that have been managed and resolved.

Internal Notes

Faveo lets you maintain internal notes for each ticket for easy collaboration between the team.

Help Topics

Configurable help topics for web tickets. Route inquiries without exposing internal departments or priorities.

In app notification

Get Social media style notification within the web app

Custom Forms

Create custom form to accept tickets from client portal.

Ticket Workflow

Define your own custom workflow for ticket creation

Priority Management

Faveo comes loaded with integrated time-assigned priority ticket resolution and support system.


Faveo supports adding multiple collaborators to a ticket.

Asset Management

CMDB (Configuration management database), Configuration items (CI) tracking, Asset relationships

Article by category

Easy to use helps you to sort articles according to categories.

Knowledge Base

Faveo comes loaded with Knowledge base to define FAQ’s, An easy way for users to help themselves.


Faveo also has multilingual support through which one can customize the entire project to any language.

Canned Responses

Faveo comes with ability to define template message for most common queries to save time.

Ticket Rating

Client can give rating to every ticket reply and overall ticket satisfaction.

Auto Reply

Faveo comes auto reply system for every ticket raised and reply.


Expand and integrate Faveo with other platforms using API.

Rich Text HTML editor

Faveo comes with Rich HTML text editor and allow to reply to ticket in rich HTML text.

Release Management

Linked with changes, Schedule releases, Notify everybody in organization


Faveo allows users to leave personal comments on saved articles.


Faveo has responsive design that can be used from any platform be it computer, smartphone or tab.

Ban List

Faveo allows to create ban list of users who cannot raise the

SLA Management

Faveo comes loaded with integrated time-assigned resolution and support system based on SLA defined.

Assign Tickets

Faveo allows assignment of tickets to particular agent as well as departments.

Customer Portal

Faveo comes with customer portal to track ticket status and access knowledge base.

Ticket Merging

Merge duplicate tickets of the same owner.

Agent Collision Avoidance

Ticket locking mechanism to allow staff to lock tickets during response and avoid conflicting or dual responses.

Change Management

Plan, track and rollback changes, Change approval custom workflow

True One-Click Installation

Faveo offers a super easy setup. We’ve included an EASY step by step Installer. Faveo can also be installed in One click via Softaculous or Fantastico Auto Installer. Be amazed by how quickly you get up and running!

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