Powerful, yet simple Service Desk management

Faveo Service Desk helps your team stay organized and keep tabs on customer service

IT Service Management

Elevate your business efficiency with our comprehensive IT Service Management solutions. Streamline your IT operations, improve service delivery, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our expert team ensures seamless support, maintenance, and innovation to keep your IT infrastructure running at its best.

Problem Management

With Faveo Servicedesk’s timeline of events, you can easily identify problems and link them to existing or past tickets, perform in-depth root-cause analyses, and reduce disruptions to your business operations.

Release Management

Releasing the approved solution to the client and updating the start and end dates of the release is a necessary step. Linked with changes, Planned Rollouts, Notification to all members within the organization. Create build and test plan, set start and end dates before deployment.

Change Management

Enhance efficiency by effectively planning, monitoring, and rollback changes. Seamlessly connect with tickets and releases for streamlined tracking. Implement CAB, attach assets, and save as a print to become more secure and boost productivity.

Apply CAB

Create a Change Advisory Board (CAB) for streamlined change approvals, with review and approval processes done by Admins or Managers.

Change Workflow

In the Change Workflow request, you have the capability to specify change-related actions, including Task template, Ticket template, CAB application, and Status updates. These actions will be executed once the triggering event occurs.

Change Listener

Listeners actively monitor change request actions, automating responses based on predefined criteria to enhance the efficiency of change processing.

IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management is your all-in-one solution for efficient asset tracking and optimization. With our user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly monitor and manage your IT assets, from hardware to software licenses, ensuring cost-effective utilization. Experience a smarter approach to asset control and maximize your IT investments with us.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Relationship Configuration enables you to configure user-defined forward and inverse relations between different assets. It keeps track of relationships between different assets and their configurations.

Asset Management

Monitor purchase orders, initiate asset deployment, and maintain a record of everything from procurement to retirement.

Contract Management

Contracts added for assets can be renewed or extended. Keep track of your spending, optimize software license usage, and set renewal reminders.

Network Discovery

Seamlessly connect devices to your local network and access essential details like IP address, MAC address, OS, and vendor info. Faveo Network Discovery module integrates effortlessly, automatically updating your asset forms in Faveo Service Desk. No more manual data entry, just reliable and consistent asset information.

Efficient Task Management for Smoother Change Processes

Attaching tasks to the change enhances organization, accountability, tracking, and communication in the change management process, ensuring that changes are implemented effectively and efficiently.

Task associated with Change

Attaching tasks enables progress tracking in change management. It helps team members to access and understand their responsibilities, ensuring effective and efficient change implementation.

Quick and Easy Asset Import via CSV Files

Importing assets quickly and easily using CSV files simplifies data entry, saving time and reducing manual errors. User-friendly mapping tools enable users to match CSV columns to asset attributes effortlessly.

Asset Import

You can import multiple assets at once using CSV files and have the option to overwrite existing data in bulk.

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